TR Equipment’s product range meets

  all your hygiene needs, letting you

  provide better care to your residents

  with greater staff productivity and exibility.

  TR offers Hygiene Equipment Designed for

  People in three different product segments :

  Shower, Bath and Mobile lifts.

Patient Hygiene Experts
TR Equipment is specialised in Patient Hygiene and has over 25 years of experience in developing, manufacturing and marketing Patient Hygiene CARE Equipment.

Easily accessible information and
technical documentation
TR Equipment provides marketing and technical documentation and a professional home page with a lot of easy accessible information. All information is available in several languages.

Excellent customer service
TR Equipment strives to always have a personal contact with our customers in all areas within our company. We offer extensive knowledge within our area, quick and accurate responses to questions and requests, fast decisions and accurate deliveries.

Flexible and long term partner
TR Equipment has several long term- and well established relationships and many frequent users. Thanks to our ability to be exible we are able to customize our products for your benet.

Market strategy
TR Equipment provides products for all major types of care facilities such as hospitals and elderly care. In the U.S., the UK and Germany we have our own subsidiaries and in the rest of the world we work through distributors.