Steam High Temperature Sterilizer

Hospital Application

The machine is designed with PLC industrial grade microprocessor control for higher safety and guaranteed reliability; Our engineers have used advanced design to optimize the machine for the use in hospitals, by working on quality, safety and ergonomy. The machine is built with highest quality components for perfect hygiene, perfect operation, high durability and maximum safety. The Steam High Temperature Sterilizer according the regulations of the CSSD is installed in the clean area with pass through access of sterile area.

Plasma-Low Temperature Sterilizer

Hospital & Laboratory Application

This technology is based on sterilisation by hydrogen peroxide and is suitable for all those temperature sensitive products which cannot withstand high temperatures of steam. Peroxide has a high oxidising effect, when it enters into the sterilisation chamber in vacuum conditions and in the presence of an electromagnetic eld, it reforms into free radicals, spreading over the instrument surfaces. These active radicals kill bacteria and micro-organisms, even at low temperatures. It is therefore effective on temperature sensitive materials or in any case on instruments which are not resistant to high temperatures.

Laboratory High Temperature Sterilizer

Laboratory & Industrial Application

We offer wide range of Special Application Steam Sterilizers for laboratories, research centers, pharmaceutical industries and others. The Laboratory High Temperature Steam Sterilizer (as shown on the legend) according the regulations of the laboratory or industrial application is installed in the clean area with pass through access of the sterile area..

Formaldehyde Low Temperature Sterilizer

Hospital & Laboratory Application

This machine allows both High & Low temperature sterilization cycles using steam (for standard surgical instruments) or steam-formaldehyde (for thermo-sensitive material devices) with low operating costs, high levels of safety and the complete exibility to have 1 machine instead of 2.

Instrument Washing & Disinfector

Hospital Application

A wide range of washer/disinfectors for use in hospitals (and CSSD) to disinfect surgical instruments, anaesthesia and respiratory products, hospital utensils, glassware, containers, operating shoes, and other devices that require high-level disinfection.

Table Top - Steam Sterilizer

Dental & Hospital Application

Our Table top meets all the professional sterilization requirements: various models with different load capacity, equipped with advanced technology, pursuant to the latest technical and regulatory standards and produced thanks to our professional engineers. It allows the user to perform sterilization procedures on all types of instruments, solid, hollow or porous, wrapped or not, by means of cycles which use the fractionated vacuum pulsations controlled by the electronic system. The large display allows easy and immediate se.

CSSD Furniture

We provide a complete range of CSSD Furniture including pass through box, Cabinets, SS Closures, Storage Box, Basket Rack etc. We pecialize in providing SS 304 and SS 316 Furniture for CSSD.

Tacking and Monitoring System

Solutions for managing sterilisation processes to increase efciency and accessibility. Monitoring, reporting, CSSD tracking, tracking full & tracking link. The new tracking system developed by us allows monitoring the kit through all the steps in the CSSD areas. The product's structure is a WEB based system and the operators use mobile devices (PDAS). The software system allows direct communication with the PLCs of the machines, using an own communication protocol

Washing & Disinfector Tunnels

Trolley, Container, Bed & Cage Hospital & Laboratory Application

The equipment has been designed and built for washing, rinsing, thermal disinfection and drying of hospital carrier trolleys, containers, beds and laboratory version for washing animal cages. It has a wide range of applications for its washer/disinfectors using thermochemical disinfection with an aim of reducing infection risks.

Waterless Vacuum Pump

Waterless Vacuum Pump is the new technology that will reduce water consumption in steam sterilization

The new technology for the steam sterilization: Low water consumption, energy savings, cost savings and high quality process in a reduced time. A technical solution that revolutionizes one of the cardinal points of the traditional sterilization process.