Pneumatic Waste/Laundry Collection System (PWLCS)

Greenvac Solutions PWLCS is an ideal way to transfer soiled linen and solid waste (of any kind) from the source to a centralized collection inside or outside the building.

Bio-Medical Waste Treatment System

Med Freshe Integrated Sterilizer and Shredder (ISS) is a very compact and fully automated microprocessor based machine for sterilizing and shredding bio medical waste in one chamber itself.

Pneumatic Tube System

for transfer of samples, medicines, blood bags, etc.. We provide complete design and Turnkey solutions for Pneumatic tube system for samples, documents, industries samples (HOT Samples 500 c.), etc.


We do complete planning, designing, furnishing, commissioning and service of CSSD/TSSU on turnkey basis.

Modular OT/ICU/ER

We build entire Modular OT / OT block on turkey basis. This includes OT Block planning, fabrication, furnishing and commissioning. We provide OT Panels of SS, GIass, SMS, HPL, GI etc.

Nurse Call System (NCS)

We do complete planning, designing, furnishing and commissioning of the NCS on turnkey basis.

Hospital Furniture and Equipment’s

We provide a large range of hospital furniture and equipment’s, OT Lights/Tables, etc. We also have a range of imported OT light, OT table & Hospital furniture.

OT Table and OT Lights

We provide a large range of OT Lights & OT Table.

Burns Ward

We do complete planning and furnishing of the burns ward on turnkey basis. We partner with various leaders from Europe for their products and technologies. We also supply specialized Burns equipment like shower Trolley, Burns tank, Patient lifting systems, etc.

Medical Gas Pipeline System (MGPS)

We specialize in complete planning, designing, furnishing and commissioning of MGPS. We comply with HTM/ DIN/ ISO Standards.

Hospital Consultancy & Designing on Turnkey Basis

We specialize in Turnkey projects which includes complete planning, designing, furnishing and commissioning of the projects. We provide complete planning, designing, consultancy and management specializing in hospitals and healthcare projects.

Smart Bin System (SBS)

Greenvac Smart Bin System (SBS)’s ability to compact waste, check waste location wise, provide on time activity statistics, generate past records etc. makes GVS SBS truly SMART system for waste management.

Oxygen Generation System (OGS)

Oxygen Generator System works on the principle of Pressure Swing Adsorption, widely termed as PSA. This conventional gas separation technology is being used to separate Oxygen from Compressed air. The major components are a pair of adsorbent vessels, Surge tank, Switching valves, Intelligent PLC, Oxygen analyzer and instruments.

Electric Track Vehicle (ETV)

We provide Electric Track Vehicle which is the most advanced transport solution for hospitals. It is perfect system for quick and reliable transportation between operation theatres, laboratories, pharmacies and general rooms in hospitals.

Automated Pharmacy Dispensing System (APDS)

We provide Automated pharmacy dispensing system which is a decentralized medication distribution systems that provide computer controlled storage, dispensing, and tracking of medications. It improve efciency and patient safety, and they are now widely used in many hospitals.

OT Equipments

We provide a large range of OT Equipments like Ventilators, Monitors, Infusion Pumps, Debrillators, Anesthesia Machine, Pulse Oximeter, etc.