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Corporate Brief: Unison Narula Group is into Healthcare and Waste Management since 1953. Under healthcare division of Unison Narula Group there are many a ctivities from furnishing hospitals on turnkey basis, complete hospital consultation and planning, Modular OT's and ICU's, Pneumatic Tube Systems for solid waste and soiled linen transfer, Pneumatic Tube system for sample transfer, Oxygen Generation system s, Bio-Medical Waste treatment solutions, manufacturing of hospital furniture, Exports to 45 countries. Our companies are ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 certified and our products are CE marked. We are also a government recognized export house.

Unison Narula Group: Unison Narula Group started its pharmaceutical division in 2011 and since then has expanded its footprint in more than 20 countries with 2 manufacturing units out of 5 dedicated to Pharmaceuticals.

Med Freshe Pvt Ltd:

Med Freshe Pvt Ltd- a unit of Unison Narula Group (Since 1953) came into existence with a vision to globalize the Indian Healthcare and Waste Management Standards and introduce state of art technologies.

Since the existence of its parent company in 1980, the company has catered to the need of the people and updated various pan India. Med Freshe specialized in Healthcare and Waste Management Solutions, Consultation & Planning of hospitals, Turnkey solutions for healthcare institutions, complete Waste Management Solutions for infrastructure projects, the company believes in providing a single window service as solution.

The Health Care division of Med Freshe deals in hospitals furniture, CSSD, Pneumatic Tube System, Modular OTs and Modular ICU, Burns Ward, Nurse Call System, Government Tenders, Turnkey Projects etc.

Products & Services:

Pneumatic Waste/Laundry Collection System (PWLCS): Green Vac Solutions PWLCS is an ideal way to transfer soiled linen and solid waste (of any kind) from the source to a centralized collection point in buildings or any other Infrastructure facility. A network of tubes (400mm/500mm) runs throughout the building both vertically and horizontally and also in public areas of the facility (dustbins of the drive way, parking, green area of the facility). All these source points can all be connected with these networks of tubes collecting the solid waste at a centralized point of choice and at any distance. Multiple buildings can be easily connected with this system reducing operation time and increasing efficie ncy and hygiene.

Med Freshe Integrated Sterilizer and Shredder (ISS):

A very compact and fully automated microprocessor based machine for sterilizing and shredding bio medical waste in one chamber itself. The treatment cycle is 30mins in which the original volume is reduced by 80% and the 20% remain is unrecognizable waste which can be given to the municipal corporation as non -infectious waste. Operationally it is very easy to use and emits to fumes. It’s a very ideal solution for a hospital and is very compact (approx., 6 X 6 X 8 feet).

Pneumatic Tube System for transfer of samples, medicines, blood bags, etc.:

We provide complete design and Turnkey solutions for Pneu matic tube system for samples, documents, industries samples (HOT Samples 50 0`c.),etc.


We do complete planning, designing, furnishing, commissioning and Service of the CSSD/TSSU on turnkey basis.

Modular OT/ICU/ER: We build entire Modular OT/ OT

Block on turkey basis. This includes OT Bock planning, fabrication, an d furnishing.

Oxygen generation System :

We offer Oxygen generation plants backed by PSA technology for hospital and industrial use. With this technology, the use cylinders or access to the truck to replace cylinders every day, man power used for changin g of cylinders, etc. is eliminated. This system generates oxygen on its own through the ambient air at low pressure which is then circulated by central pipeline system.

Hospital Furniture and Equipment’s :

We manufacturer a large range of hospital furniture and equipment’s, OT Lights/Tables, etc. We also have a range of imported OT light, OT table & Hospital furniture.

Burns Ward:

We do complete planning and furnishing of the burns ward on turnkey basis. We partner with various leaders from Europe for their products and technologies.

Nurse Call System :

We do complete planning, designing, furnishing and commissioning of the NCS on turnkey basis.

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